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A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You


Dr. Natalie Ma dreamt about being a psychologist since she was in middle school. She had a curious mind and wanted to figure out human behavior. She read up on Freud and, in high school, took college-level courses in psychology. She believed her calling was to become a therapist and help others understand themselves. Dr. Ma believes that happiness comes from knowing oneself, loving oneself, and doing good in the world.

Life Experience

Dr. Ma is a Chinese-American female who profoundly understands the difficulties of being a minority in America. She is the first generation in her family to be born in the United States and has empathy for those disenfranchised. Dr. Ma wants to empower others to reach their full potential and gain agency. She is an advocate and an ally.

Certified Professional

Dr. Ma graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in psychology. She received her doctoral degree at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University. Dr. Ma ran a research lab at Duke University and has worked at prestigious institutions such as Kaiser Permanente and the University of California San Diego.

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