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Since middle school, I've harbored a deep-seated dream of becoming a psychologist. My insatiable curiosity about human behavior led me to devour everything from Freud's theories to college-level psychology courses in high school. I've always felt drawn to being a therapist, guiding others on their path to self-understanding. To me, happiness stems from knowing oneself, embracing self-love, and positively impacting the world.

Life Experience

Ever since I can remember, the world of psychology has held me in its grip. From the intriguing depths of Freud's theories to diving headfirst into college-level psychology classes while still in high school, my fascination with human behavior has been unyielding. As a Chinese-American woman, I intimately understand the complexities and challenges of navigating life as a minority in America. Being the first generation in my family born in the United States has given me a unique perspective—a blend of cultural heritage and the American experience. This background has instilled in me a deep empathy for those who feel disenfranchised and overlooked. My driving force is to empower others, to help them unlock their full potential and seize control of their lives. I stand as an advocate and ally, committed to amplifying the voices of those whose stories deserve to be heard.

When I'm Not Working

Dogs are my heart, so I enjoy spending time with them, whether going to the park or relaxing at home. Crafting is another passion of mine, from sewing to experimenting with new recipes. I also treasure moments spent with friends, simply catching up over coffee. And to unwind, I love delving into a compelling TV series.

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