Do you take insurance?

No I do not accept insurance.  I provide receipts that you would submit to the insurance company.  Please check to see if you have out-of-network benefits.


How much does each session cost?

Please email for rates.  

What are your theoretical orientations?

Cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavior.  I utilize psychodynamic, attachment, client-centered, and humanistic theories.


Do you bill me before or after the session?

I charge clients after the session using various methods such as sending invoices through Paypal or requests through Square Cash.   I also use a service that stores your billing information, and I can automatically charge your account after your session.  


Do you hold weekend hours?



Do you hold evening hours?

The latest appointment I have is 4:45p. 


Will my parents, workplace, or spouse know that I attend therapy?

No.  Your relationship with me is confidential.  

Where are you located?

Virtual at

Do you do phone sessions?



What do you specialize in?

Depression and anxiety.


Do you see children?



Do you see couples?

I have a small caseload of couples.


Do you see families?



Where did you go to school?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University


Do you speak Chinese?

No, but I understand elementary Cantonese.


Do you have to give me a diagnosis?

Only if you use insurance. 


Do you do emergency phone calls?

No.  Please call 911 or 1‑800‑273‑TALK (8255) or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's Live Online Chat


Can I come in if I have an emergency?

You can email and ask for any open appointments.  If it is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to the emergency room.


Can I come in every other week?

Varying your frequency of therapy depends on your current disposition and issues.


Can I do therapy even though I travel a lot for work?

Yes.  There are Skype and phone sessions for continued support.


Do I need medications?

Not necessarily.  I can provide you with psychiatry referrals.


What should I expect at my first session?

Expect to talk about your current life circumstances, sharing your goals in therapy, and giving a background of your family, work, and relationships.  


Can my girlfriend/boyfriend/partner attend?

It depends on your situation.  Therapy is for your well-being and needs to be a safe space.  If you would like someone else to attend, please be aware that the session is to support your therapy process and to provide useful information.  Couple counseling issues should be addressed with a different therapist.


How long is each session?

55 minutes for the first session and 45 minutes after that.  


What am I supposed to talk about?

It can be about current concerns, past experiences, or future worries.  


Am I allowed to ask you questions?



Do you treat addictions?

Yes.  I provide support for people in the maintenance stage of recovery.  

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