Do you know that about 20% of the world’s children and adolescent population are suffering from mental disorder or problems? One in every ten adults is battling with a major depression challenge, and the numbers keep increasing? The Human mind is overly complex with lots of challenges that may seem to get on our nerves from time to time. The ability to control these challenges as humans is one of the hardest decisions we can ever make. Welcome to the official page of Dr Natalie Ma, a clinical psychologist in SF, CA who can help you unlock the power of your mind.


Hello, my name is Dr Natalie Ma, a certified and licensed clinical psychologist in San Francisco, Northern California. I am a Chinese-American female with the right combination of skills, experience, strong passion and goal for partnering with you to enhance the quality of your life. I can help you find satisfaction and balance while leveraging on your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses. I have the right combination of skills and experience to serve as the best clinical psychologist in San Francisco, California and my counseling/therapy sessions are designed just for you. 


Direction: If you feel lost or need clarity in your life, which most people do, my psychological therapy sessions are just the right place for you. My approach will assist you in finding your path in life and connect you with the internal compass which controls your decisions and choice.

Building and Trusting Relationships: Human communication and relationships are always evolving. Even in the midst of this uproar, you can maintain your identity with the right approach. You can be authentic and enjoy life when you give and receive genuine affection.

Talking to Someone: There's a difference between listening and active understanding. The latter requires natural talent and formal training which Dr Ma possesses.  Being understood is a beautiful experience that leads to confidence and motivation, and Dr Ma wants to be part of your process.



Years of experience
Tailor-made clinical therapy and counseling sessions just for you
Provision of short and long term therapy
Fast, easy to access and highly effective client support system
One of the few Chinese-American doctorate level clinical psychologists in the US.



"I totally trust your judgment."

"Thank you so much for your service over the years. It really was helpful."

"I just wanted to thank you for  your counseling for the last couple of years. It was very important part of my developmental process."

Clinical Psychologist #25231
California Bay Area Therapist
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You talk.
I listen.
We collaborate.