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Updated: Apr 29

Have you ever regretted texting an ex, eating another slice of pizza, or ordering that thing from Amazon in the middle of the night? Well, there is a tool you can use to stop making the same mistake over and over. It's called H.A.L.T. With H.A.L.T., you assess the situation according to four needs before taking action.: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. Ask yourself, "Are you hungry, angry, lonely, or tired?" If you answer yes to another of the four needs, tend to that need first. You may be surprised by your lessened desire to move forward with the initial desire. 

On the other hand, what about those who are suffering or recovering from an eating disorder and can't tell if they're hungry? They can use the acronym tool AGHAST! What does the acronym A.G.H.AS.T. mean? It stands for Angry, Guilty, Happy, Anxious, Sad, and Tired. 

Knowing how each feeling feels is essential in recovering from any problematic behaviors, especially eating disorders. Disordered eating is a symptom of unmanaged feelings or situations. Excessive food numbs the senses, and restrictive eating starves the feelings. Even happy feelings can be confusing. Checking in with positive things happening in your life is a good idea. Self-sabotage is common in obsessive-compulsive behaviors, so use H.A.L.T. or A.G.H.A.S.T., and check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

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