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What is Seasonal Depression?

Updated: Apr 23

You may ask yourself, "Do I have seasonal depression?" Seasonal depression can be a hard thing to deal with, especially if you feel like you don't have many options. There are steps that you can take to help manage the condition. Talking to a doctor or counselor can help identify strategies and coping skills that work best for you. Taking part in activities that allow you to get out into nature, such as gardening or going for walks, can reduce stress and provide moments of distraction. Traditional forms of exercise, such as weightlifting or running, can also help treat seasonal depression while giving an extra sense of physical accomplishment. Eating healthier and getting enough sleep can positively affect your mood by regulating hormones, so it is essential to focus on these factors. Lastly, reach out for support from family and friends when needed to prevent feeling isolated and spiraling into negative thoughts.

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