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Visions for Your Future

I had planned to write about anger this month, but seeing that it is December, I wanted to switch to a motivating and inspiring topic: visions. Having a vision for the future is having a clear idea of what you want to do, obtain, create, achieve, or accomplish in life. A vision is a collection of goals that gives you direction in your life.

For most people, it is hard to have a vision or attempt to have one because of the fear of failure. It is also hard if you fear success. Ultimately, it takes courage to formulate a vision. You are exposing your intimate desires and letting the world know what you want. And feeling disappointed or fearing disappointing others can be paralyzing.

How do you obtain a vision for the future? Ask yourself the hard question, "What do I want?" Differentiate it from what you think you should want. You will have to refrain from numbing behaviors (drinking, smoking, texting, eating, and shopping), and engage in helping behaviors (meditating, talking to others, journaling, or creating art). You will have feeling your feelings and note situations that elicit positive emotions. Add that information to your vision.

So for the rest of December, take time out of your busy life and ask yourself, what do I want? Write it down, talk to someone about it, and then create an action plan to fulfill your vision.

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