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Another Anger Communication Style

The third form of anger expression is passive aggression. It's impossible to hide your anger, so it comes through in a veiled manner. Here are some ways you may be expressing passive aggression.

  1. I become silent when I feel frustrated.

  2. I sulk and people have commented on my bad moods.

  3. I respond with, "Fine," when people ask, "What's wrong?"

  4. I am evasive when people need me.

  5. I do not make eye contact when someone talks to me about problems.

  6. I complain about people behind their backs.

  7. I don't follow directions and use my time how I see fit.

  8. I refuse favors to get even with people.

Anger is a feeling that prompts people to act in ways to preserve personal worth. Staying quiet reduces the chance of losing the upper hand and increases the sense of superiority. However, it perpetuates anger and closes you off to intimacy. Additionally, as a passive aggressor, you communicate anger without clear limits. There are pros and cons for the passive aggressive style. You have to decide whether to meet your short-term goals or your long-term relationship goals.

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